Since 2010 Pepperbox Athletics has shared it’s passion for self mastery through fitness, we believe that your health effects all other areas of your life and is the keystone to true success. Our program is rooted in long-term solutions; we combine credible proven practices that have worked for decades to hone the skills needed for total health with the latest science and technologies. Together we can help you create your ideal self… and have a lot of fun doing it!

Personalized Training

We recognized that:
– health-related fitness is a lifelong process unique to each individual
– genetic history influences athletes body type, and performance
– sedentary lifestyle, diseases, muscle types, and disorders play a pivotal role in fitness success

that is why your goals and personalize programming is our first priority at Pepperbox.

Nutrition Counseling

You are a unique individual with specialized goals and challenges. Why shouldn’t your program be custom built around you and your needs? At Pepperbox you will work with an in-house nutritionist and dietitian to achieve your health and fitness goals. Focusing on weight-loss, illness management or performance enhancement.


Since 2010 we have been helping athletes rehab injuries, work on mobility issues, discover inherent weaknesses, and hit new personal records! We have some of the best Physical and Sports Massage Therapists that we work hand in hand with to help you feel better and live more. This is best done one on one with our Personal Trainers and Therapists to get you moving and strengthen the area to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Group Programs

We have developed our CrossFit group program into a functional, well balanced fitness approach. Alone, our group program will make you faster, stronger and fitter over time with regular attendance and a sensible diet. We can also combine these classes with other personalized training methods to accelerate your results even faster to meet your goals.


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